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Cash Is King

Turning Refugee Bank Notes Into Art For Charity: London-based artist Aida Wilde has created a powerful series of works on banknotes for charity Help Refugees that will be launched next week at the Cash is King II show at the Saatchi Gallery in London. The show opens on the 21st of August and runs until the 8th of September. Aida Wilde was born in Iran and […]

My Mother’s Aspirations [Adblock Bristol: Berg Arts Community Billboard Project]

Whats Adblock Bristol & Berg Arts about: “AdBlock Bristol is working towards a city that celebrates its creativity and independence, where communities have a say in what they see in the city’s streets and other public spaces. AdBlock Bristol is opposed to billboards and other corporate outdoor advertising, preferring a visual environment which reflects the […]

OUTSIDER: ShangrilART Takeover at Bruton Art Factory

OUTSIDER The artist’s behind Glastonbury Festival’s Shangri-La are bringing the vibes to Bruton Art Factory. Artist’s include: Ben Eine, Darren Cullen, Stanley Donwood, Chris Hopewell, Aida Wilde, Carrie Reichhardt, Code FC, Dr. D, Hutch, Carl Cashman, Kennard Phillipps, Mobstr, Paul Insect, Webbo, Andi Rivas, Charlie Anderson, Hugo Farmer, Mark Hooley and Lisa Travers. XMAS OPENING […]

Subvert the City

Over the course of 2016, Brandalism worked with friends from around the world to establish the Subvertisers International – a new network of artists and activists in 10 countries around the world. Our trans-national network uses the twin strands of activism DNA – creativity and civil disobedience, to imagine a world beyond consumerism. Our new collective was […]


SAVE YOURSELVES They say home is where the heart is, but in our case, home is where the art is. Well this may have been the case a while back in Hackney Wick, but these days the sights of cranes, bulldozers, developers and hoardings seem to have replaced the now lesser spotted artist. This October […]

Hackney WickEd 2016 Pt.3: The Burning Of Homogenization

Hackney WickEd 2016, Part 3: The Burning Of Homogenization Back in the day when we were lawless, Hackney Wicked was known for it’s closing ceremony where something or other would be burnt as an offering to the Wick gods. Sadly with the vast vacant spaces being taken up by our bars and daytime tourists, plus factoring […]

Hackney WickEd 2016, Pt.2: The Lord Napier

Hackney WickEd 2016, Part 2: The Lord Napier Along with the Save Hackney Wick’s Artists campaign, I had this hair brain idea that it would be fun to give the Lord Napier pub a much-needed makeover. This was a daunting prospect but I knew it was a “now or never” scenario. I practiced my best nepotism efforts and […]

Hackney WickEd 2016 Pt.1: !RIP HASHTAG!

Hackney WickEd 2016 Part 1 !RIP HASHTAG! I’m not sure why it has taken me this long to write about what happened at this years Hackney Wicked, but it was a late night prints session last night when it dawned on me that I am grieving and the prospect of actually sitting down and writing […]

Dust to Dust

“We Sacrifice What We Hold Most Sacred. Everything Begins With A Destruction” A year and a half in the making and finally. Thought it would be a great idea to burn my prints and use the ashes to make another print……. Then I thought, maybe I could make a small edition of the new prints and […]


The HASHTAGS Don’t Work! OR DO THEY??? Looks like my last ever HASHTAG campaign to Save Hackney Wick’s Artists made it into Time Out! Seems quite fitting. I also made some specific ones for our friends at Vittoria Wharf who are facing eviction from their studios in September to make way for a bridge, whilst […]

Artist’s Rights

  We kinda have them when it comes to the work we create but not when we congregate in down trodden areas that no one wants to live in with not a sole found on the streets past 6pm…..It’s all the familiar cliche stories you hear about Shoreditch, Hackney, Walthemstow et al…. The fact that […]

Validation: The truth about my “IG Rage”

My website has become a necessary, time consuming & expensive burden that no one ever bothers to check out, but I am damned if I don’t and damned if I do. It seems like it was the ‘must have’ thing for any business and artist 10-15 years ago. Quite hard to build at the start […]

WARM Guerrillas: Feminist Visions

Photo Credit: Stacy Sowinski & Ego.A,Sowinski So thrilled & honoured to had been selected to show a section of the work Ego.A.Sowinski and I did for our residency “Empowered Printworks” at the Women’s Art Library, by the Women’s Art Resourse of Minnesota (WARM). The exhibition is titled WARM Guerrillas: Feminist Visions,on the count of the […]

Being Human Festival: Woman’s Art Library Residency & Exhibition

 I have been fortunate enough to have been offered a residency in the Women’s Art Library in Goldsmith’s in conjunction with the Being Human Festival 2015. I am working alongside side one of my longest calibrators and friend, archivist and artist Ego Ahaiwe Sowinski to show various poster produced specially for Radical New Cross and […]



Meanwhile Back In The Wick: Prompt Gallery

Meanwhile…………..Back In the Wick! “Having resurrected what was Hackney Wick’s first exhibition space in Queens yard, Prompt Gallery presents it’s debut show “Meanwhile Back In The Wick” which previews on the 14th November, on the 5th floor of Mother Studios. To reinforce the locations reputation of being one of the most exciting and creative artist […]

Hysteria at Maison Bertaux (Process)

It was truly, blood, sweat & tears that went into making our Hysteria exhibition come together. We worked hard and long hours together to make each piece of work come together. After many cups of tea. quiche, Taramasalata and Haribo Giant Strawbs it was all over.Here and some process shots taken over the three months period that we […]

Print is Power: Reclamation Nation Project Launched at Hackney Wicked

Print is Power presents “Reclamation Nation” Print is power are projects based around the medium of Print. Our first workshop project will be launched at the Hackney WickEd festival titled Reclamation Nation, which aims to give various members of the community & individuals  a voice to communicate and raise issues for debate.  Whether it’s a little comment […]

Nelly Duff Xmas Window

I honestly thought that when I was asked to make something seasonal for the Nelly Duff Christmas window that there was a whole bunch of other artists contributing towards the display! You can imagine my surprise when I made a prototype only to find out that I would be the only one responsible for the […]

Making of: Lola Hangers

It was around September time when I was contacted by Leona who runs Thrift-Ola asking me if I was up for helping her with a “top secret” project that she was working on…..I was very intrigued so I obviously went along for the meeting and left very excited as I really believed in what she […]

Making of: Bruce French, Now or Never

“Now or Never” is the second Screen Print Edition I have printed for the talented Bruce French via the Scream Gallery. This print was to coincide with Bruce’s solo show at the gallery, which opened last November. As expected with Bruce’s last print I did, I knew that this was not going to an easy […]

Emperor Yes: Cosmos Exhibition

Forgive me blog post but it has been at least four months since my last long post……. It was back in January when I was contacted by Ash from Emperor Yes to make new art work inspired by the bands new single Cosmos which was to be launched in March. Not long after I had excitedly […]

Behind the Scenes at the “Zoo”

I am sure you have had enough of me going on about this years Pick Me Up (Graphics Fair) by now, but it is because I was so excited to have something in the show. For the last two years, I had visited the fair and was a little envious of all the artists that […]

Making Of: Bruce French (Monument)

I recently had the pleasure of meeting and printing for the lovely artist Bruce French, who is with Scream and Whisper Gallery in London. The print is titled “Monument” and is a 4 colour screen print on to Somerset Tub Sized paper. I really love this screen print for it’s simplicity and honesty, which made it […]

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