Parkway Rythm: Working Girl

I got a surprise email from a musician from Sweden who went about a spiral way to manage to find me, which I was really flattered by. I am sure I have never been head hunted like this before. What I found most amusing  was that after he had spotted my work out on the street, he had envisaged me as being a starved 17 year old student looking for a bit of exposure……not sure if that’s a compliment or not!

To cut a long story short, I have provided some art work for his latest record release which is titled ‘Working Girl’… immediate memory was of the 80’s film which starring Melanie Griffiths and Harrison Ford, which I have lost count of ,the number of times I have watched this film. I also thought that it was fitting for me as I am also a working girl (not to be confused with the type that hangs around street corners at night anyway). So I couldn’t resist but do this project!

Try and look up the record, it’s got a real 80’s NYC vibe going on, the type of track which will make you feel nostalgic, well it certainly made me think of my youth anyway!

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