Brag Boutique: Street View

Just Like Millions of others a few weeks ago, I was re-watching Exit Through the Gift Shop on the telly, and I got really sentimntal when the shot of Brag Boutique came on, funny how sugar coated some memories can be!

Then it suddenly dawned on me that I never took a descent photo outside the old shop (I thought I would be there forever). Especially of the walls which were painted next to it. Maybe I couldn’t take the memories of the eventful night . So I started to ask all my firends who were regulars at the old haunt if they had any photos.

A few days later, my dear friend Dave sent me these, which he found using Google Street View! So funny, as I distinctly remember that summer day, watching the van with the cameras going by. This made me feel even more nostalgic than the film. We used to hang out, outside the shop after closing for ages, chatting, smoking and laughing.

Good times!

Thank you for the photographs Dave & Google, xx