Making of: New Scarves

Well done to those of you who managed to buy a preview of the scarves at White Cross Street party, I think it was the classic case of ‘the early bird catches the worm’.

So, as of last week, the scarves have gone up on the Brag shop. There are lots more different designs and various colours to come, so keep checking them out, as I print them when I feel like it these days. So if there is one there that takes your fancy, GET IT……who knows when I would print that specific one again!

Bit of background information for you buffs out there. Each scarf is individually printed by hand on my beloved table. Depending on how intricate and how many colours are involved, each scarf can take anything between 30-40 minutes to set up & print from start to finish! and that’s just the making!

So those of you who have one already, lucky you!

P.S Have had a few reports recently that some of you have had yours nabbed when you have been out clubbing or in a bar, so beware, you have been warned…….’Brag scarves should be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times!’