Peter Chang Studio Visit

Whilst in Glasgow, we had the privilege in visiting the remarkable studio of Peter Chang. I was blown the first time I saw this artist’s hand made jewellery, often made from various acrylics and plastics as well as a mixture of found objects.

Chang is ever the perfectionist and I was told some pieces can take up months and months of his time to perfect. With my inquisitive mind I tried to figure out how he does it??? Still not really sure, but all I can say….. is that it all looks very seamless…….and all I can deduct, at this point in time, is that he is very familiar with traditional Chinese lacquering techniques……Look at me, I sound like Sherlock Holmes!

The range that I had the pleasure of gazing my glittering eyes on were some of his bracelets, broaches, various dishes (which had Gold glittering sections embedded) as well as a huge handrail which graces his wall next to his “real banister” like a crashed shark fin, he had originally designed & fabricated for The Highland Printmakers Workshop

It was a real pleasure meeting this incredible gifted man and maybe one day I will be able to afford one of his pieces!

Thank you Peter Chang x