Making Of: Otto Schade: Message to Environmentally Unfriendly People

I had never met Otto Schade but had seen his work around the Truman Brewery ¬†and around East London. So, I was intrigued and a little nervous to be making some prints for him at the beginning. It’s always a bit weird to meet someone for the first time who’s work you have seen and that they have heard of you too but you have never met before. I was also a little under pressure as this was going to be his ‘debut’ Screen Print release, as far as I was told.

After much sampling and messing around with the colour-ways, the best option for me to get the gradient fade on the Panda ball was to hand blend the ink on the screen. As many screen printers know, this is a slightly artistic and an unpredictable technique to use, especially when editioning prints. Lucky for me Otto agreed for some manoeuvres in the colour fade and gave me a 3cm grace, which at some points in the printing process, my heart was skipping a beat a little! The beauty of these prints are that they are all individually unique and who ever is lucky to  purchase one, will know now that so much love and care went in to making them by human hand.

They come in five different colour-ways and are limited to 10 of each colour (signed and numbered)