Making Of: Limited Edition Black ZeVra

So, I had a happy accident one day whilst cutting out my Pink ZeVra’s, one fell onto some Black paper which was lying on the studio floor. This was the start of my mission to try and pull off a print on Black paper. I knew it wouldn’t be easy as this colour can soak up anything which lies in it’s path spitting it out as a murky rendition of it’s former self. As you know, my colour pallet is not a shy one, so achieving this balance was not the easiest of conquests.

It all started well, the Black Gloss printed beautifully on the Black Somerset Velvet paper. Halfway through printing the White, I did actually stop and think, what have I let my self in for, as the ink was getting sucked into this bottomless void. Things got even more hairy as I was laying down the Fluorescent Pink and then having to print the extra think Black Glitter and then hand finishing them with extra Glitter on top of that! Phew, back breaking.

This was probably the longest time I have spent screen-printing a print for myself, and I really needed the time, of leaving them to press, which allowed me the adequate rest bite to fall in love with the original concept & vision again.

They are stunning to look at in my eyes and went on release at Nelly Duff Gallery 2 weeks ago. They are very limited and probably the last in the series of the ZeVra’s.