Making Of: Hood Thingamajigs

Million hours in making but they are back. The famous Bragacalavas from the good old “Brag Boutique” winter staples. I had actually forgotten how long they take to make, start to finish. Luckily, I had found a batch of the fabric already cut out in one of the storage bags, so I only had to print and sew them this time round.

As usual, those of you who frequented the old shop would remember, I enlisted the help of my mother to help me sew these baby’s up. What a trooper, we made a production line of pressing, pinning, sewing and pressing again to finish these off. The results are all there for you to see. They look awesome and I must confess, now I know why they are worth all the effort, IT’S BECAUSE THEY LOOK SO HOT ON!

Check ‘Em Out