Season Ticket Art Fair 2011

Sometimes you make work and your not exactly sure where it’s destined for or if you would even get to show it. For me, the art show Season Ticket at he Old Shoreditch Underground Station was set to me my destination. As I explained my plans to the curators I could see all my hard work and panic being worth it at the end.

I was delighted to be given the walls of the main entrance of the show and later on, an alter- esque ¬†boarded up arch window to place a more permanent robust piece of art work. I had many biblical visions on my mind for that space but as time was short and with my only options of transportation was the public sort, I opted to make a slightly smaller version of the main entrance piece, entitled “3 Wise Men”.

The main entrance pieces ended up taking about 8 hours to put up, maybe this was due to it being a freezing December evening in a cold building with no heat and working with fingers like icicles. Each piece of the instillation is individually Screen Printed on various papers with lots of hand embellishments and plenty of Glitter thrown in for good measure.

I even got to feed my new “money” addiction and covered one of the walls with the “Credit Crunch” wallpaper. We added some larger cut out, folded, 3D money on top, for added effect; a moment of genius from John. Made the whole wall look alive! If you don’t believe it, check out the photo’s.

One last note, I would like to thank Alex Daw and The High Roller Society  for putting on, such an amazing show to see the end of 2011 with and letting me go Wilde xx