Making Of: Remi/Rough Known

It was about a year ago when Remi/Rough released his first ever screen print Edition “Phenomenon” which was printed right here in The Glorious House of Brag by the infamous, talented screen printer Sam from Mula Printing.

After the success of the last print, Remi was ready to release his second print edition called “Known”. This one was a little bit different from his classic trait mark of clean graphic lines and angular shapes but never the less, still very recognisable as the artist work. I particularly love the large circular curves and and the perfect sphere that lies completely balance on the tiniest of hair line at the foot of the curve.

As a printer, for me, I knew the simplicity and the cleanness of the design would represent many hidden challenges to make sure everything was printed meticulously with all the colours being very much solid with no discrepancies in any part of the print. The colour balance had also had to be right and I did have to make a fair few samples to get this just right.

I think the most challenging part was that, I had no line or key lines to hide behind….it was all exposed, never mind getting rid of all the little bits of paper fluff and dust that kept obstructing the large solid areas of colour. Despite all this, the prints turned out beautifully and I am sure they are going to look fabulous hanging on any art lovers wall!

Remi/Rough- “Known” prints are now available in Two colour-ways, Black (edition of 25) or a very limited Blue (edition 10) from Whisper Gallery (London)