New Print Launch for Nelly Duff at Pick Me Up

Dear Friends,

Here is a sneak peek at what to expect from my new collection of prints which will be launched by Nelly Duff at this years Pick Me Up (Contemporary Graphics show) Obviously, I can’t reveal the fully finished prints just yet, you will have to go to the show to see that, so below is a summery of what to expect. More behind the scenes photo’s and “Making of” to follow soon. Hope to see you there xx

Aida- New Print release for Nelly Duff at Pick me Up 2012

FlamingoRama & Scarlett Ibis

Having always looked towards the wilder side of the animal kingdom for inspiration we find that Aida hasn’t flown too far from the nest with the new collection of hand screen printed editions especially made for the Nelly Duff gallery in London.

With some classical references and taking inspiration from the likes of John Audubon and Basil Ede, Aida wanted to make artwork that echoed the atmosphere and composition of the original illustrations and give them a new lease of life through digital rendition and screen printing techniques, especially focusing on various processes and finishes to make these birds really sing.

The fist two birds in the collection are specially produced and will be launched by Nelly Duff in this years Pick Me Up show in Somerset House. Audubon’s classic Reddish Pink flamingo has been given a major rework, with a composition that is reminiscent of “the land of the giants” with a small hint of detail on how some of these birds can now only be seen in captivity and not in their natural habitat like Audubon and his predecessors had the privilege of observing. Again, this is offset by Aida’s classic trademark use of acidic Pink and Black Glitter printed on recycled speckled paper with the apt title FlamingoRama.

The bright Red flamed ruffled feathers of the second print can only be the Scarlett Ibis, which sits perched on a silhouette of a thick branch, which is another recurring theme, running through both the Flamingo and the Ibis. The dark Gray background and the thick Black gloss overprint over the beak and tail of the Ibis makes this print very dark and majestic, making it a welcome addition to grace any wall.

To view these birds in their new natural habitat, Pick Me Up- Contemporary Graphic Art Fair runs from the 22 March – 1 April. The prints can also be viewed after the show at Nelly Duff gallery.