Behind the Scenes at the “Zoo”

I am sure you have had enough of me going on about this years Pick Me Up (Graphics Fair) by now, but it is because I was so excited to have something in the show. For the last two years, I had visited the fair and was a little envious of all the artists that had been exhibiting.

This years show, didn’t fail to disappoint me. I think I could even go as far in saying, it was one of the best yet, especaially as there was a special focus on drawing and I know in the past it has been quite print based.

Well, there are plenty of reviews of the show on many many other blogs out there, this is not my role, so I will shut up. What I do have is some sneak pics of us helping set up the Nelly Duff “Zoo”, which was so much fun, especially being able to put up the main entrance wall of the Zoo. You wouldn’t think it would be so hard to make something look naturally pasted up and aged- I think it took us about 5 hours or so to achieve the look! Many strategic rips and scratching went on……

Just incase you were in hibernation, you can see my new screen print launches FlamingoRama & Scarlett Ibis now available from Nelly Duff.