Making Of: Lennie Lee, Dark Angel & Specsaviours

I had been on a well deserved break from screen printing when I received a surprise call from what I call the original “wild child”of found/trash/sculpture/performance/instillation…..the list goes on for the artwork of Lennie Lee. You would think with so much experience and knowledge Lee would have had a Screen Print out by now! But I gasped…..”you have never  screen printed or had one made for you?” oh my gosh, “we must see what we can do about that”. I did stress the fact that he was eating in to my holiday away from my squeegee and I was only doing this because I couldn’t bare anyone else making him his first ever release, especially as I adored the images that he had sent me!

For someone who has never had a print out, his work is the perfect companion to the screen print process. The beautiful blocks of  flat colour and the heavy key line is any printers dream! It is only in this process, such saturation of colour and quality could be achieved.

I took this one in my stride, apart from spending about half a day getting the colour balance right on the Dark Angel print. Knowing how much Lee loves collaborating and improvising we even spent a day in the Glorious House preparing various backgrounds with paint and other mark making materials for the Specsaviours print. It was a long and some time exhausting day but very enjoyable and I even think Lennie said he learnt something new about the way he works and how he could perhaps develop more of his work to be screen printed in the future.

Lennie Lee will be launching his new Screen Prints- Dark Angel and Specsaviours tomorrow at the Other Art Fair in London’s Ambika P3. The fair is open to the public from the 10th-13th May.

I love these prints and they are very limited so make sure you try and get to see them in real life-

Thanks Lennie for sharing your excitement & experience with me!