Going Wilde at the Wild Food Kitchen

It was a bit of a last minute rush for me but my friend Alex Daw asked if I would like to bring down some of my animals to accompany his artwork for the latest pop up restaurant for the Wild Food Kitchen in Hackney, as he thought the theme seemed to be right up my ally. I couldn’t refuse now could I!

When I arrived first thing last Thursday morning you wouldn’t think that the restaurant was going to be open later on that evening. So I began taking the cut out prints out, barely awake and started work. To my great surprise what Alex had already done really complimented all the different colours of work that I had brought down. So I carried on amongst the electricians fixing the light fittings and the head chef Jimmy Garcia organising the kittichen staff  who were scurrying around prepping vegetables, there was a real great buzz about the place, with everyone working hard to meet the opening deadline.

I couldn’t wait to see it all finished and taste the yummy wild foraged delights which were going to be on offer. We headed down there on Sunday evening, where a friendly and charming hostess greeted us at the door and showed us our table. The place looked amazing, with all the ambient low lighting, the art work, the smell of the delicious food and the late entertainment which proved to be one of the highlights of the night. We were fortunate to be sitting on the same table with two of the scattered members of City Shanty Band , who didn’t let on that they were going to perform that night with the rest of the members who had also been discreetly dotted about the restaurant to surprise us with their heady mix singing & hand clapping & minimal instruments. They performed catchy  humorous songs with a twist of traditional sea shanties with an urban vibe.

Throughly enjoyable and refreshing evening. I am told that they City Shanty Band will be back at the venue again next Thursday so I would highly recommend you book early to taste some great food and great entertainment!