Making Of: Holly-Anne Buck Print

Competition winner- Holly-Anne Buck

Little did I know a chance meeting with Holly-Anne Buck who had the next stand by mine at the Other Art Fair 1 that I would end up printing her winning designs a few months later!

To top that, I actually think that Holly-Anne well may be the first lady artist that I have made a screen print edition for!

In fairness, we didn’t begin work straight away on the print, and getting the artwork right was our prime concern.

Majority of Holly-Anne’s work is collage based and she has a great talent of juxtaposing various imagery together to make amazing and sometimes crazy compositions.

This had it’s own little hurdles for us as screen printing is obviously an analogue process, so when you try to reproduce something that has already been processed digitally transferring it back to analogue you really need to handle it with experience and care to no experience too much dot clash (Moiré). Luckily Holly-Anne has a printmaking background so she immediately understood what I was going on about so she was a little more forgiving.

Very bizarrely I had just purchased some140T mesh screens, which are probably the tightest mesh count I have printed through as yet, so  I thought I would give it a go!

After we had the go ahead from the initial samples my work continued. Armed with the original artwork close to me, I couldn’t seem to get the Rose in the middle of the deign bold enough! So, I have a little confession to make…..I actually had to add another layer to the print so it became 4 colours instead of the 3! I know, I know, but I couldn’t really let the print leave without me being a 100% happy.

As you could imagine Holly-Anne was very pleased with her print she actually told me that she couldn’t take her eyes of it.

I am so happy Holly-Anne won, well deserved winner.

We really enjoyed running the print comp because I really believed in it, and wanted to connect with other artists and designers.  I love being able to make work for other artists as much as I love making work for my self. Thank you for all who voted and thanks once more to the entrants and the runners up.  Aida x

The new stunning prints titled “Flowers that Wander & Bloom, London 2012” will be available from here: