It’s a Wilde Ride

Lets say I couldn’t keep my excitement in when I was asked to be part of this project. I think the first thing that went through my mind was that, how would I screen print onto a car without a curved screen? Then all these other random thoughts came to me, as I knew that I couldn’t just paste prints onto it as the cars were going to be displayed outside and needed to last! It is times like this, that I wish I was more proficient in using a spray can!
Being a print designer for me is always about planning, sizing and layering, as everything needs to be quite precise with how I work. I first began with the theme and how I envisaged the whole car to end up looking like- I went back to my Surface Design fashion roots with this one, wanting to combine my love of 80’s pattern and  Versace-esque “bling”with my more refined arty animal heads. Once this was decided, I began designing each element that would be included- the only problem now was the scale as I had no idea with what car I was going to get. To be truthful my one fear was that  I would run out of time- So much was to be done and prepared once I knew the measurements of my car panels as each piece of art work had to be re-created to scale.  New screens had to be made and printed from scratch and never mind preparing the car and ordering the materials.
Got my VAN, yes VAN on the Thursday evening- 6 days before the One Night only Private View, before they were being ferried off to the LoveBox Festival! I was quite delighted but in my mind I had always imagined I would be pimping a Mercedes or a Jaguar, not a Ford Van. Once I had analised the meaning of this, I realised that my initial concept would have been too obvious and expected on the flash car that I had been dreaming about. The van was the perfect metaphore of what I am and symbolise- From the outside, what I do, does seem quite glamorous to some, but in fact, I am a proper working grafter, always in my inky apron, hair pulled back with dried old hands- perfect.
So, in a nut shell- I spent most of the days in St.Peters estate car park, with John helping me get to grips with the old spray can. Working to all sorts of hours with dust in my hair and lungs as well no toilet to go to for up to 8 hours a day! The near by cafe actually took one look at me with my dirty hair and sprayed up hands & turned me away from using their toilets- very hospitable they were.
During the evenings, I would rush back and make the relevant screens I needed for each design and car panel. What was interesting was that my van was taking up equal time with me working half the time in the car park and the other in the studio prepping, printing, glittering and breathing the most uncomfortable amounts of vinyl ink. I opted to screen print on to car vinyl as well as printing the flatter sections of the van with a screen. On some parts I sprayed thorough the mesh of the screen which seemed to give the car a lovely hazy, pixilated pattern effect. I even had a go at blending aerosol colours, by the end, I got quite good, I think it works on the same principles of blending inks on a screen.
Out of all this, what I will most remember was working those 6 days along some amazing artists and people. The most interesting part was our unique and individual approach and application on to the same substrate. It was amazing to watch Pablo Delgado, destroy and take a blow torch to his car whilst I had mine protected with masking tape and newspaper, trying to keep it clean, even dusting it with a paint brush most days! The other interesting thing was that this project even had the pro’s like Sweet Toof  who often works very fast take quite a few days out to add the much needed finishing touches to his beast of a car.
I am so privileged to have been asked to be part of this exhibition- Once again, I was out of my comfort zone, challenged to some extremes and pushed to the next level of my interesting career so far. I know, the Wilde 1, isn’t everybody’c cup of tea (especially the boys) but I wanted it to be an extension of my identity  and my past. Those of you who know my work from 10 years ago, would definitely recognise the imagery and it’s references.
FYI- The fluffy dice inside the car was all hand made by me! I actually screen printed all the fabric and various sections of the dice, I sewed it and hand stitched the finishing touches- it took me 8 hours and I have a new found respect for people who make fluffy dice (everywhere)!
FYI- We used 8 cans of Blanco Malta spray- how many times do I have to say it- it wasn’t White!  it’s “Bone” actually!
To my gangstaaaaaaa “partner in crime “John A- always by my side, soaking up all my stress and anxiety & my fury
To my gangstaaaaaaa Tom.A.B, who saved what is left of my lungs and borrowed me his spray mask! (the mask has been featured in some blogs- so it’s famous now!)
To the gangstaaaaaaa Technicians-Catherine Sparrey, Michele Vannoni & Esther Fdez Castelo- you kick ass!
To my Gangstaaaaaaa David L.F, for providing me with some good car painting advice & long lasting enamel paint-
To the  Gangstaaaaaares Akayzia- who had the cojones to steal art work from the inside of the Wilde 1, she was smooth but not that smooth, caught her but let her keep the poster seeing as she went to all that effort.
To the gangstaaaaaaa film makers, photographers and bloggers Hooked, Graffotto and IDI (aka Pro), sorry for having too many diva moments……there wasn’t a ladies
& Finally the biggest Gangstaaaaaaaa Family of them all-Nelly Duff– much love and respect for all the blood, sweat & tears that were shed, we were there with you xx
BTW- to the person/persons who stole my Glitter Gun out of the car at LoveBox- I want it back……….