Sweet Memories-Sweet Revenge


I really don’t need to say much this time, the photo’s explain it all!

It was all decks on hand when the Sweet Toof Sweet Revenge show was getting put up by the High Roller Society. The mammoth space in Hackney Wicks Colour Works building was transformed in to a “sweet delight” in the middle of the Olympics!!!!!

The preparation was immense and everything manged to get pulled together in the final stages, although I did feel really bad in pulling the big Blue shutters down on peering faces just when the show was meant to start! Sorry! They didn’t stay shut for too long though.

The most amazing thing about the show for me was to see all the great works made through the years under one roof. All the past pieces reminded me of the time  and place when I had first seen them and the people that had been with me. Sweet memories of times gone by…….

Hope you enjoy the photo’s, and thanks to the High Roller Society  and all those who helped with the show for letting me part of it.