Hackney Wicked 2012 @Red Market & Beyond

So this years Hackney WickEd extravaganza took a slight back seat from it’s usual home (due to the Olympics, I guess) and materialised itself in the guise of diverse events which were held in several locations across the East London.

We had the opportunity to make some “art” and sell our wares at one of the events that was held at the Red Market which is part of the Red Gallery in Rivington Street. The venue which was open from the beginning of Summer till early October was a great central location with a fabulous food stalls & beach style bar….with real sand, hammocks and long canteen style benches to chill out & mingle.

Not sure if many of you will remember this far back but the Saturday that we set up was the day when the heavens opened up and we had the torrential rainfall, that nearly ruined most of our stock and never mind trying to pulp my 7ft ZeVra stencil that I had made to put up on the wall! Luckily, I had packed my mega tarpaulin in my Marry Poppins bag that I nailed over the wall whilst getting absolutely soaking wet to save it for the next day……

Day two was a brighter start…..managed to set the stall early, take the “Tarp” of the rescued stencil and we were on our way…..I even managed to finish my wall piece and do a collaboration with my friendĀ Perspicere until the sun set…..

Hopefully the full festival will be back with a Bang in it’s usual venue next year, until then, here are some of my highlights.