Mobstr- “This One” Screen Print


As per usual, I swear to go into semi-retirement of producing commercial prints for artists but as per usual, something always entices me to get my special squeegees, and large pristine screens out and make an edition for someone.

This is my first screen print for the artist, that I actually got one of his previous prints a while ago, so I really do likeMobstr’s work. Those “word” pieces have some sort of resonance with me, maybe because, I have thought similar things in my head one time or other, and most of the time when I see one, I have a little chuckle to myself and say touche!

This design is a slight departure from the trademark “Word” pieces which I thought I would be printing when I was first asked. But I was pleasantly surprised with the design, which was very bold and graphic & thoughtful, which I guess is the common thread between the two styles of work. As most of you know, I love printing those flat, block colours so this was a dream….well, it was a dream, until I was asked if I could print another image on the back of the same print…..Ahhhhhh, went through my mind as most printers know, trying to keep both side of a paper which works out roughly a Lady Godiva a sheet pristine  isn’t so easy at best of times.Especially as the second side had the ink going right up to the edge of the paper, major seepage came to mind! Never mind the accuracy needed, so when the lines and the bottom of the paper were hand cut, it would all look lined up.

So, the lesson is, even when you think your getting a quick print job, and that it looks pretty straight forward and easy… never is.

And as I was sworn off doing another double sided print for another millennia, I’m just waiting for a layer of ink to dry on my double sided print as I write this now! FACT!!!!!!

This beautiful graphic print titled “This One” is available from here and its a “Double” sided Screen Print- 5 colours in total on Somerset Tub Sized Satin 310gsm, Hand Cut, Edition of 35, signed & numbered. I believe you can even order it with a custom made clear acrylic frame, so depending on your mood you can hang it which ever side you like! Quality…….

Guess which side mine is hanging on………..