Emperor Yes: Cosmos Exhibition

Forgive me blog post but it has been at least four months since my last long post…….

It was back in January when I was contacted by Ash from Emperor Yes to make new art work inspired by the bands new single Cosmos which was to be launched in March. Not long after I had excitedly said “YES YES”, the track was sent through. This was one was quite different from Wasps (first single)…quite melodic and it felt sentimental.

At, first, all the usual visual imagery popped into my head to do with the Cosmos, planets, stars etc….you know the deal. I had been doing a lot of research over the Christmas holidays in Scotland for my new body of work which was on the back burner and I seem to always be obsessing with the same imagery  day after day from this bulk of photographs that I had taken to do with symbolism and hands (which has been another one of my obsession for the last year) & quite a bit of 60′s-70′s  San Fran Psychedelic poster scene, and there it was staring me right in the face…..my eureka moment!!!!

The art work produced may look far from the “Cosmos” as we imagine it, but as a matter of fact it’s closer than most think. The work is about faith, believing in something that we can’t see or be at…..it’s about “Love” and a sense of feeling. May that be to a person or an entity! And who would have guessed the whole Pope thing happening all at the same time. Everyone asked me if I had done it because of that but in actuality, the art work had been made weeks before….I like to think I have foresight & a good intuition, but I’m not Psychic :)

Watch Emperor Yes “Cosmos” video (the animation is awesome and took a whole month solid to finish) here

Find my Original art work titled “Devotion” here!