Making of: Remi Rough Notorious

This print had been in the planning for a while and I knew I could’t promise to print it unless I had proofed it and was happy enough to pursue and finish it! You ask why, but all is not that appears to be with this design.

Like most of Remi/Roughs art work, everything has layers and depths, some parts appear to jump right at you and some parts are pushed behind others with no heavy boarder or line to hide behind. I really like the fact the Remi doesn’t release a print at a drop of a hat, so I new that this had been cleverly thought about and deliberated and I had to treat this print with the same thought and consideration.

Putting aside the meticulous precision with the regiteration on this design I had to think long and hard with what sections of the print leaped out, what part balanced and what got pushed back. So, to cut a long long story short and about a month of sampling various hand cut artworks, colours and inks, here is the lovely four colour screen print on Somerset Satin paper, finished of with my current obsession, Gloss Overprint Varnish on the Black, just to make it pop!


Notorious will be available to view at the London Original Print fair (Royal Academy) through Scream Gallery from 25th-28th April 2013