Making of: Bruce French, Now or Never

“Now or Never” is the second Screen Print Edition I have printed for the talented Bruce French via the Scream Gallery.
This print was to coincide with Bruce’s solo show at the gallery, which opened last November.

As expected with Bruce’s last print I did, I knew that this was not going to an easy thing. Like before there are no dark outlines to hide behind, the joins need to flow into one another seamlessly like the design it self.

The biggest problem I had was the cold damp weather at that time of year, which played havoc with the cockling and shrinkage of the paper once the block colours hit the surface.

Alas, I had to re-do the art work by hand cutting Ruby-lith at the end and re-make the screens at least 3 times before I was happy with the end results. As you can see, I got there at the end.

“Now or Never” is available from Scream Gallery and is a Four colour Hand Printed Screen Print on 310gsm Somerset Size Tub paper- Measuring 64×81.5cm at £250