Making of: Lola Hangers

It was around September time when I was contacted by Leona who runs Thrift-Ola asking me if I was up for helping her with a “top secret” project that she was working on…..I was very intrigued so I obviously went along for the meeting and left very excited as I really believed in what she was trying to make.

Funny enough, Leona use to own the infamous Superette (Lady Luck Rules Ok) on Sclater St. off Brick Lane around the same time as I used to have my Boutique on Bacon St. which was the next street up from her store. We had met a few times previously but never worked with one another before. Having this in common plus the fact that we both more or less closed our business around the same time and had mutual feelings about the whole “East End” scene made me understand her objectives a lot easier.

The whole process for the project took over about two months to trial, with lots of prototyping, testing out various inks and other various problem solving. But we got there at the end.

I really enjoyed printing on these lovely Acrylic hangers and I really think that the design is perfect for the product.

I know Leona is onto a great product range as it’s a fresh idea amongst the so over saturated craft market and it’s very versatile, as it’s functional as a hanger, but what I use mine for is to display all my lovely jewelry on.

You can find the Limited Edition “Lola” on the Thrift-Ola sight here: