Nelly Duff Xmas Window

I honestly thought that when I was asked to make something seasonal for the Nelly Duff Christmas window that there was a whole bunch of other artists contributing towards the display!

You can imagine my surprise when I made a prototype only to find out that I would be the only one responsible for the window display. It was then that the anxiety and the responsibility loomed in and set me in a panic for a while…..

I needed to get a balance between making the window look fairly seasonal, as well as being subtle enough not to intrude on the other art works, which were on display within the gallery.

In the end, I opted to print a version of my 3D Stag which were a popular edition for the gallery but this time, I really wanted some of them to be really 3D so after much prototyping and making little mini Stag maquette, that I eventually came to the final design concept.

The Stags were printed double sided so that they could be viewed from the outside as well as in the gallery. The 3D hanging and free standing versions had the Pink Pop Spots printed on some of their backs which added a flash of colour to make the whole atmosphere a little brighter.

I really enjoyed been given the opportunity to make the Christmas window and luckily I had Ruby from the gallery to assist me with hanging the displays especially as I’m not a fan of heights…..

There was great interest in the Xmas Stags and some even sold so keep your eye out for more variations to be released later on this year.