Print is Power: Reclamation Nation Project Launched at Hackney Wicked

Print is Power presents “Reclamation Nation”

Print is power are projects based around the medium of Print. Our first workshop project will be launched at the Hackney WickEd festival titled Reclamation Nation, which aims to give various members of the community & individuals  a voice to communicate and raise issues for debate.  Whether it’s a little comment on the buses running late or the recent troubles in the Middle Eat, individuals will get a chance to create their own “tongue & cheek” slogans, which will then be transformed into paper cut stencils that will be screen printed by them or by us during the workshop.

As there is a chance to produce multiples of these prints, the participant can take one away, whilst we keep a couple for display and one to hopefully be bound into a book for our archives after the project is complete.

“Voice your opinions- Print your passions”

Our First project kickstarted with great sucess and I would like to thank all who were involved with making it possible. Many thanks to Stour Space and Frontside Gardens for letting us use their incredible venues.

I would also like to thank all our friends who pitched in and gave their expertise and time to help with the event- All Cats are Grey prints, Juliette NoLions, Instant Vintage, Doug Sherman, NJGM (Nick Marsh), Becky Dell and Mark Rigney.

Last but not least, all the Hackney Wicked team, who worked so hard to make this years festival happen. And Jack Brown & Co from the Development Team for delievering a great educational programme this year!

Most importantaly, thanks to all of you who participated and “Reclaimed” with us! Without your opinions & input, this project would not exist. I am honestly overwhelmed with the response and the amazing work which was produced in such short space of time.

We are hoping to continue with this project for the next year, spreading the “power” nation wide. So please get in touch if you would like to host or participate in the project- and check the Facebook page for future workshop updates.

Much love