Habros Solo Show

This June the B&B Gallery sees the opening of Habros, the debut solo show of print-maker/artist, Aida. The exhibition is appropriately taking place in Sheffield, a city with a long tradition of making and building.

An experienced screen-printer, Aida has a natural empathy for, and a deep appreciation of craftsmanship and artistic innovation. Her printing skills have developed through teaching and professional practice as an artist and designer over the last two decades.

Aida’s unique style has evolved steadily over her career, but one underlying theme in her work – the ‘conflict’ between traditional values and modernist iconoclasm – is the creative ‘spanner in the works’ at the source of her inspiration.


Imagining the grand life of a gallant egotistical nabob, HABROS delivers a range of screen prints highlighting the particular and peculiar artifacts acquired through various journeys and adventures. They are chosen by Aida for their intrinsic qualities of craftsmanship, inventiveness or, even, in some instances, because the very reason they exist in the first place is to be seen and admired.

 The adaptations have their own separate identities and often their own unexpected stories. Gathered together as a group they take on a wider or grander significance. They may represent the intellectual life of a family, enlightened or impoverished domesticity or the triumphs of the Grand Tour.


In recent decades screen-printing has developed into a highly sophisticated and versatile creative process for artists and designers. Aida employs the full range of traditional screen-printing skills in her work and, at the same time, compliments her traditional practice with experimental digital and photo techniques.


Born in Iran, Aida arrived in the UK in the early 80’s as a political refugee; she now lives and works in London. Her artistic career has been a diverse one and she is best known for her exuberant screen prints and her collage installations. For the past 13 years she has been an associate lecturer (and alumna) of the Surface Design Program at the London College of Communication. Aida has also run her own hand printed clothing brand Brag as well as a commercial print studio.