Credit Crunch at the Victoria & Albert Museum

I often wonder what fuels my creativity or why I make the things that I do but one thing is for sure, I remember the day that I came up with the idea for the Credit Crunch poster.

I was still at the Brag Boutique shop in Bacon Street around 2008 and things weren’t looking too good for my small business.

They had more or less closed off the middle of Brick Lane due to the London Overground expansion and the first stages of the UK going into recession, which was taking, it’s toll on my business and with no support from anywhere I knew the inevitable was going to happen.

Out of this sadness and anger and a little spark of an idea from a magazine that I was reading was the birth for the Credit Crunch slogan.

The first idea was that I was going to print lots of it (hence why it was printed onto wallpaper backing paper) and I was going to hang it inside the shops window when I closed down in form of a statement that I would not be defeated.

I eventually decided against this idea and used it more to do instillations and cut the wallpaper off into individual slogans and sell them.

 I was offered a small table to sell my wares around late 2010 in the Evil Xmas Fair in a venue in Shoreditch that actually burnt down not long after we were there!

I hadn’t had the best of days but near the end a lady came by and bought one of the prints.

They were only £15 but she wanted it wrapped well and tubed, which I had to borrow from a friends stall. Thought it was a bit excess for such a cheap print and then she handed me a card and said she was from the Victoria and Albert Museum and that the poster might get used in a touring show and they will be in touch.

 So, four years pass by with no word and then I get a tweet from one of my old students informing me that my poster was hanging in the Victoria and Albert Museum! Gasp!

There is so much to say about creating work in “Blind Faith” and from the heart. Not in a million years I would have ever thought that this would be the posters destiny.

 The poster is now part of the museums permanent collection and it’s even got its own catalogue number.

We joke about it being the cheapest thing in the museum as it probably cost me 30p to make.

The Credit Crunch poster is on display as part of  A World to Win: Posters of Protest and Revolution

until 2nd of November and then it will be going on a museum tour, which kicks off in Aberdeen.

 It is also exclusively available in the Victoria and Albert Museum shop

 You can read all about it here on their Blog!