Wash Booth Tales

Wash Booth Tales

Born mostly out of boredom, little bit of left over phosphorescent ink and the idea of how much action my wash booth seen over its lifetime comes Wash Booth Tales.

A series of short videos shot mostly in one take, on my iPhone 6, the films are tongue and cheek statements, comprising of word play & humor.

This series of works have been my first official experimentation into the world of video and it felt like the natural progression to take my 2D play on words and slogans and explore the concept into the physical.
I consciously used the phosphorescent printing ink to demonstrate that the process and mediums that I use in my everyday work could be translated and used to further my concepts and ideas, and I do not have to be bound to a singular known method to express my thoughts.

Wash Booth Tale I: Hello, is it me your’e looking for?

Wash Booth Tale II: Indecisive Much?

Wash Booth Tale III: Last Word

Wash Booth Tales IV: 2 Faced