Artist’s Rights


We kinda have them when it comes to the work we create but not when we congregate in down trodden areas that no one wants to live in with not a sole found on the streets past 6pm…..It’s all the familiar cliche stories you hear about Shoreditch, Hackney, Walthemstow et al…. The fact that creatives have contributed to the growth, culture, aesthetics, kudos and it’s economy is always overlooked by the councils. They are reaping the benefits but giving nothing back once all the developers have moved in & chucked all the loyal struggling/non struggling creatives who have contributed to it’s rise & wealth!

It’s a bit similar to ‘staging’ a crap house with rented props with a little bit of a paint makeover before you try and put it on the market…I’m sure some of you would be familiar with the House Doctor from back in the day. Polishing a terd I hear…The fact that Hackney Wick still doesn’t have a bank machine that doesn’t charge you a minimum of £1.80 to withdraw money, no post office, bakery, launderette etc….always cracks me up. It’s a bit like, Hackney Wick is great for day trippers from Essex or wherever they’re from, who frequent the Bars and other recreational night life that goes on, but heaven forbid the place actually provides us with ‘functional’ amenities….but people are still flocking, investing and developing and I’m not quite sure why?

Why would you choose to knock down all the beautiful warehouse, build more lego brick turd  ‘luxury’ flats when you would have thought that there was so much vast land and space over at the olympic park. I know, I know, it’s because it’s cool here and we are responsible. That is why I’m told that the E20 area is still pretty empty despite all the great small business that are moving there, they have everything except our SOULS….
Maybe they can offer us some ‘Affordable’ artist rate, live/work spaces over there and we will soon fill the place up no problem and chances are, we’ll get moved along from there too once they get what they want from us.

I had done some gentrification postcards for HW, Shoreditch & Homerton for all my friends that had  contributed to all their areas getting developed. I actually sold a few at the Stour Space Xmas market in 2015. Something always didn’t feel right with the concept until I was having a conversation with some ‘creative’ locals in one of our ‘trendy’ bars that we only frequent in the week ’cause the Wick is for tourists in the weekends. So this is when the 10percent idea was conceived, thanks Will (Creative Wick) …..we are agents for areas, it’s like a finders fee.

It was a couple weeks after the market and a few days before Xmas, that the hoardings near my place when the artwork was painted over with Grey and to add insult to injury, many A4 signs nailed up stating that anyone painting/pasting etc…on the hoardings will be monitored blah blah blah. My immediate thought was, ‘Thank you council’, the very reason that made the place creative, colourful, unique and added kudos is now being shunned because they is rich and famous now…we ain’t friends no more!

Below is the visual diary of what happened to the 10percent posters that were found on various hoardings around Hackney Wick. I believe they were up on Sunday (1st May 2016) but the journey doesn’t really begin until the Monday (2nd May 2016)

As long as I can remember, we have always done stuff on those hoardings, me personally since 2010. One piece that I actually did on those hoardings was photographed and put in a very popular street art book, so I thank the hoarding, that is adorned with the nearly neon Red RIBA sign.
I’m tired of becoming part of a cliche story, I was in camden when it got developed, then moved to Brick Lane and now here….

Shit Area + Artist + Kudos = Developers & Gentrification = W*****s.

It’s time the councils PAY US BACK. Put in rent control of what little creativity that is left of the place. Give us real affordable studios and Live/works spaces which aren’t going to be geared to “creative entrepenures” what ever the fuck that means, once the area is developed. There is room for everyone. In the long run, no area wants to be called sanitised or sleepy after the bubble has burst.

When will this vicious circle stop? It’s so predictable and I’m so so tired. I don’t want to bloody move to some field in Essex/Kent where my only neighbours are the grass chewing cows in the next field. I love city life, I love most of my neighbours, I love the quick chats we have outside my studio over a fag, I love the creative exchanges, dialogue and the sparks of ideas over hipster Lemonade (£2.80). This is a unique community where we belong, where all the misfits with hearts that no one wanted to have congregated and I like it like that. I love my community.


Graffiti & Tagging! Photo Credit by Auntie Zee via twitter


Wallis Road hoardings: The building was initially knocked down around 2009 and there once lived a Massive Dog called Tiny which did stinky massive poos who guarded the place. (Sometime Monday mid morning) with a dude who might be a local, a tourist or renting an overpriced Airbnb aka someones bathtub? or just over here from Essex for the day. The suitcase might have all his weekend supply of fake tan inside. Sorry in advance to the dude, especially if I’m wrong on all the above counts.


Flattened Fish Island: Opposite the Premier and in the vicinity of two new s*wanky estate agents.


WhitePost Lame crew repreZent after when the contractors came back to work on a Bank Hoilday! Progress…time is money. (Some time early Monday afternoon)


Some good Samaritans who weren’t clearly happy with the buff outlined the letters of the poster which weren’t painted over all that well in the first place. (Sometime late Monday afternoon)


Some local interactions with the hoarding, pics sent to me on my Facebook Page: Thank you Secuenzia & The Hulk (sometime late Monday afternoon)


Have you got a contract: No? Well Fuck off then. Loving the fact that this new addition was well thought through as demonstrated by the pencil outlines prior to the green marker being added!  ( Some time late morning on my way to the gym : Tuesday)


Meanwhile in Flattened Fish Island: A surprise, poster still standing strong (Tuesday) Looks like our friend with the Green marker is at it again this time with I offer Nothing Deal? minus the pencil lines…perhaps more spontaneous with an air of confidence!


The RIBA hoarding in 2011: We could play back in the day…. photo via Flickr by GreenPiano1

jane-fonda-bang-hackney-wickThe RIBA hoarding in 2010: More play, this is the piece that ended up in the now sought after street art book.