Hackney WickEd 2016, Pt.2: The Lord Napier

Hackney WickEd 2016, Part 2: The Lord Napier

Along with the Save Hackney Wick’s Artists campaign, I had this hair brain idea that it would be fun to give the Lord Napier pub a much-needed makeover.

This was a daunting prospect but I knew it was a “now or never” scenario. I practiced my best nepotism efforts and my theme was taking back to 2008. Where street art was about just doing it, coming together, painting and collaborating. Back in the day, it hadn’t occurred to them that you can make a lucrative career from painting in the streets.

I curated the pub in accordance to whom and what I thought had influenced the areas visual aesthetic and growth as well as some who had passed through here or once upon a time had their business here, so a diverse bunch.

End of the day, in my opinion it was the street art that shaped the urban landscape of the area, made it cool and ready for partying and re-generation.

The two days spent taking over the pub was hell, (for me) but a very beautiful and rewarding experience for all involved.

Organizing 27 artists and the logistics wasn’t easy and it was through help and trust from friends and artists that got me through.

I’d like to think that the building gives a short history of HW street art….all the best memorable bits.

Some of the artists even had to send me files from abroad as they have obviously been pushed out of the area and are living elsewhere.

I would like to thank all the artists involved & especially for putting up with my tears and tantrums, Hackney Wicked for supporting the project & Mr. Schwartz for generously letting us deface his establishment. A special thanks goes to Grow for the loan of the scaffold, The London Framing for the ladders and The Wick Art Store for the paint.

Special thanks to Donk for making this fab video of the pub: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxKFhUSXA74


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