My Mother’s Aspirations [Adblock Bristol: Berg Arts Community Billboard Project]

Whats Adblock Bristol & Berg Arts about:

“AdBlock Bristol is working towards a city that celebrates its creativity and independence, where communities have a say in what they see in the city’s streets and other public spaces. AdBlock Bristol is opposed to billboards and other corporate outdoor advertising, preferring a visual environment which reflects the unique identity of our city, the values of local communities and the local economy.
Adblock Bristol emerged out of a desire to create a city free from the pressures of corporate outdoor advertising”

“Since December 2017, Adblock Bristol has been active in re-launching the Burgs Arts project – a community arts billboard in the St Werburghs district.
In collaboration with the St Werburghs Neighbourhood Association, Adblock Bristol are working with 5 artists to produce pieces for the community board in 2018.  If you are interested in contributing a piece for the board, we have a rough brief below – but please feel free to contact us (adblockbristol [at] to discuss other ideas.”
Adblock Bristol [Ref from website]

I was really delighted to be one of the five commissioned artists that was invited to participate in AdBlock Bristols re-activated Berg Arts Community billboard project in St Werburghs in Bristol this month.

With months of contemplation and preparation, I decided to continue with the year long project “My Mother’s Aspirations”  and coincide it with  a Print Is Power workshop, the artwork was generated through the members of the local community. In essence, I wanted to bring the community back into the public realm. After all, they were going to be the ones which would be living with the artwork for a period of time.
The workshop was held at the Picnic In The Park festival organised by St Werburghs Community Centre on the 2nd of September, where the quotes for the billboard were collected with the running theme of “My Mother’s Aspirations”. I didn’t take many photos from people writing the quotes as I felt some privacy was needed whilst people pondered and contemplated. There was some touching moments where whole families wrote on the wallpaper and some moments that actually brought up past issues for others, so what I am trying to say is that what seems to be a simple question is actually a very powerful statement.
I flew to Sweden to Herrljunga Residency the following day, armed with the wallpaper with all the quotes written on it and that is where the artwork was finished, in a serene ex farm, whilst sitting in a barn, wrapped up in a blanket, looking into the woods.


You can read more about the project and an interview with me explaining the concept about the project more in depth about
My Mother’s Aspirations in the coverage in Bristol247.
“I love making art with other people and various communities as it’s empowering for all involved and wanted the residents in St Werburgh’s to be proud when they saw the work,” said Wilde.
“I also believe that if you’re replacing imposed advertising with commissioned public art, there is a sense that it can’t be totally about the artist. Other considerations must take place.”
[Extract from my interview in Bristol 247]
Also, if you live in Bristol, Adblock are currently trying to fight against a couple of monstrous digital billboards by St Phillips Causeway, follow link on how to object to this invasion-