Aurora (& The Magi)

Six Layer Screen Print
(*special feature- hand embellished gold leaf)
Somerset Satin White 300gsm
56cm x 76 cm
Edition No: Artist Proof 10

A young and beautiful girl, Aurora was the daughter of the only pineapple plantation owner in Florida during the late 1830s. Folklore states that a Haitian Magi upon refusing his numerous marriage proposals vengefully cursed Aurora. In an attempt to bind Aurora to him, the curse stated that should they not marry, the plantation’s harvests would fail.
After several years of bad crops, Aurora’s freedom came with the arrival of William Jenkins Worth, who found himself in Florida during the Second Seminole War and who is said to have fallen for her beauty at first sight. The curse was broken when, after a whirlwind romance Aurora and William consummated their secret wedding vows.
It is said that the triumph of love is directly responsible for the abundance of pineapples in today’s world.


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