Between a Rock & a Hard Place

Six Layer screen print
Somerset Tub Sized Satin
59 cm x 84cm
Edition No: Artist Proof of 3

The Goliath Aratoo represents an ancient omen of fortune and luck. Promoted since the 14th Century, folklore presents that one should take heed of its wisdom and pay respect to the word it speaks, for the bird is foretold to offer meaningful insight into one’s future.
Upon the loss of this sacred bird, it has been reported that many households suffer significant sorrow or misfortune. The most widely told story of this curse has been re-written through the story of William Teach aka ‘Blackbeard’, who gained riches beyond belief until the loss of his most trustworthy parakeet companion.¬†Following its departure his life met it’s unfortunate end during the battle of Ocracoke Island at the hands of Lieutenant Maynard’s men in November 1718.


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